Testimonial Thursday

Eliza, 11 years old, listening to Music My Pet’s CD

Today a story of soothing intense separation anxiety with music. Karin Carson writes on Music My Pet’s website:

“Eliza is 11 years old and has always been a nervious Nellie. She is particularly bad these days since our other Dalmatian died a year ago. When we are all out of the house she shakes, rips up the sofa, and is generally miserable. So we got her a kitten, but that hasn’t helped. In these photos she is listening to Music My Pet. She fell asleep very quickly! It’s extremely soothing.”


Playing with Pinterest

I know this is seemingly unrelated to my core topics of storms, pet anxieties and music… But, I fell pray to the awesomeness that is Pinterest and really wanted to share some finds. I wouldn’t have made these if I hadn’t been searching for materials to write my next posts on MPet3. So, in a way it is all related. Also, what better way to distract a scared pet than with some new toys?

Vadim is pretty great at destroying whatever new toy I get him in record times. By now he will have probably demolished any Christmas present I may have gotten him. I was therefore always faced with two choices: spend a fortune on dog toys or abandon the idea of toys for extended periods of time. Now, I discovered I had a third way out: DIY pet toys! Pinterest is full of quick, neat and easy tutorials for all sorts of animal play needs. Here’s a few of my favourites:

And for my cat-owning readers:

For more ideas and other great pins:

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Your favourite party tunes – pet style!

Start your New Year partying early with the most popular songs of late, in awesome pet style!

I came across PetCollective a few weeks ago and love their Youtube channel. Especially the pet music videos 🙂  Here’s 3 of my favourite so far:

Calm your dog on New Years Eve

New Years Eve is coming up! To us – dog owners – this translates to: stress, anxiety, panting, fidgeting, hiding, squirming, shaking and following the human everywhere…

But, as I mentioned, I’ve been preparing a little Christmas present for you all 🙂

To help with the stressful days to come, I’ve put together a playlist of all the pet relaxing music that I came across thus far. It’s a whooping almost-3-hours-long, ultimate weapon against firework frenzy! Just place an iPad, a phone, your laptop (or really any internet-connectible device with speakers) somewhere near your dog’s favourite hiding spot, open this page and hit play. To navigate the playlist, use the playlist button in the bottom right corner of the video.

Your dog should be noticeably calmer within minutes.

Can’t believe it? Read my story and check out some testimonials. But really, just give it a go!

And make sure you spread the joy – let no pet suffer this New Years Eve! All the sharing buttons you may need should be under the post 🙂 Also, I would very much appreciate comments on how the playlist worked for you.

The featured music comes from composers such as:

Aromatherapy for dogs?

Okay, this one is not related to music at all. But it is about calming your dog. Plus, it’s such an intriguing idea, that I just had to share with you all.

Enter: scented candles for your dogs (unfortunately no other pet versions yet). Sniff pet candles are hand poured in the USA, using eco-friendly, organic ingredients and for 70 hours will spread a specially designed scent around your home. Apparently, the various aromas are uniquely made to target common doggie problems. Anxiety is one of them, but they also have candles for excessive farting, giving a city dog the impression of being outdoors, or scaring away pet pests. Each candle is 38 dollars, but you could also get a bundle of 5 testers for 48 dollars.

We all know dogs have crazy sniffing abilities. In fact, as the company website instructs, dogs can identify smells between 1,000 to 10,000 times better than us humans. Their brains have 40 times more space devoted to analyzing smells. Considering all this, aromatherapy for dogs doesn’t sound too strange, does it?

May I also just say: I love the packaging! Very classy.

Overall, I’d be quite keen to try them, but might have to wait until they are available at a retailer in my region… My family members have some serious allergies, so I would be reluctant to buy (and ship…) candles without checking their reaction first.

Have you had any experience with dog aromatherapy? Or Sniff candles in particular?

Music My Pet

Music My Pet was created by composer Tom Nazziola. Their first CD “Classic cuts” became a great success, with many happy customers (check out some of the comments on their facebook page or this positive review).

The music is essentially specially edited classical music. All of the “dramatic” parts in the classical compositions were omitted in Music My Pet recordings, leaving only the soothing sounds. Also, the choice of instruments was made with research on pet behaviour in mind. Harp, piano, classical guitar are all proven to help our pets unwind. On the other hand brass instruments, so commonly used in normal classical music recordings do not have that relaxing effect on animals and so were not used in Music My Pet compositions. Similarly to RelaxMyPet tunes, each track begins with a high-pitched tone, inaudible to people, but attracting your pet’s attention. If you want to hear more about the theory and process behind Music My Pet creations, here’s a pretty interesting radio interview with Tom Nazziola, involving also feedback from an animal behaviourist and a veterinarian.

The company has lately released a new CD “Mellow melodies”. Having listened to some sample recordings, I have to say I loved it. Pretty sure Vadim will too. I’ll try it out during our next travels, which considering upcoming birthdays in the family should be soon. Meanwhile, let me know if you’ve had any experience with Music My Pet!

You can listen to more samples on their website, and download the tracks from Amazon, iTunes or cdbaby.

Puppy Listens To Guitar

I found this really nice blog about Golden Retrievers lately 🙂  thedailygolden.com

And I’ve been meaning to share this video I saw there for quite a while now. Unfortunately it is exam time for me and so that plan got slightly delayed. But, I figured it is never too late for a bit of cuteness! (and another proof music has some serious influence on animals).

Remember, remember the major offender

Bonfire night or Guy Fawkes night is a massive stress generator for our furry friends. This is when we often helplessly watch our scared, axious dogs and cats run around the house, tremble and whimper while the noises get louder and louder. So how to calm your dog, cat or other pet during bonfire night while keeping them safe? Top tips:

  • make sure there is some way to ID your pet in case it runs away; if you have an ID badge, check your phone no is on it
  • create a “safe area” for your pet – preferably in a room with no windows, so they can’t see the lightning flash and somewhere where the thunder sound is muffled
  • give them something to do, e.g. a kong filled with treats works well for dogs
  • walk your dog before the major firework time, so there is no need to leave the house
  • do not leave your pet alone! It is terrified and needs your comfort badly
  • do not give your pet cold treatment or get angry at it for acting “inappropriate”; as one fellow blogger quoted:
    “You wouldn’t wait for someone who was drowning to stop screaming before you pulled them out of the water.” (Debbie Jacobs, seen on paws4udogs.wordpress.com)
  • try calming methods: the music on this blog for example

DogsTrust – a UK dog welfare charity – has put together a nice video with some more interesting advice:

Hope you are able to minimise your pet’s anxiety and have a great Guy Fawkes night! Amongst us humans, who doesn’t love the fireworks after all?

If animals dislike storms, they must hate Sandy

Started the morning with a realisation that some good friends are about to be trapped in a massive hurricane. I’m sure you’ve all heard about Sandy. I mean, if the news reached Australia surely everyone has been talking about it for days 😉 Well, joking is one way to cope. Other ways include keeping my fingers crossed all day for those I know trapped in New York and elsewhere along the East Coast. And those I don’t know too.
Which soon made me think about animals…

Surely if our pets dislike storms, they must absolutely HATE  Sandy.

Kim takes shelter with her dog Charlie as Hurricane Sandy approaches (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The noise, the rocking buildings, the flooding… and even the owners will not be as calm as during any old summer thunderstorm.  I hope people don’t forget how stressful this time will be for their pets and prepare in advance. The ASPCA published some helpful tips on what to do. May I just add: make sure you have a safe heaven for yourself AND your furry friend, with plenty of water, some food, some treats. Cuddle your pet as much as you can and try to appear calm. This would be a good time to try out some pet calming music, too.

So, while we wait for the storm to pass and for that sigh of relief as our close-ones phone to assure nothing much happened, some cute/funny photos to brighten the day:

For more, go here.