Wandant – the hi-tech way to monitor your pet’s stress level and exercise routine


New Device Offers Owners Insight Into Pet’s Exericse Routine | Benola.

Fujitsu’s new gadget can measure stress levels of your Fido, his exercise routine and other stuff, working similarly to a pedometer. Tech has finally entered the dog market? Could be a good idea if your dog is overweight. Hopefully the device gives some interpretation of the results too, not just raw data… Otherwise, how do you figure out if your dog is getting the right amount of workout? I’m also just a bit worried that with the way this is “mounted”. Vadim would get chewing straight away 😉 With a $120 price tag this would be one expensive chew-toy. On that note, I was wondering: how do your dogs react to having bulky or dangling things around their necks?