If animals dislike storms, they must hate Sandy

Started the morning with a realisation that some good friends are about to be trapped in a massive hurricane. I’m sure you’ve all heard about Sandy. I mean, if the news reached Australia surely everyone has been talking about it for days 😉 Well, joking is one way to cope. Other ways include keeping my fingers crossed all day for those I know trapped in New York and elsewhere along the East Coast. And those I don’t know too.
Which soon made me think about animals…

Surely if our pets dislike storms, they must absolutely HATE  Sandy.

Kim takes shelter with her dog Charlie as Hurricane Sandy approaches (Alex Wong/Getty Images)

The noise, the rocking buildings, the flooding… and even the owners will not be as calm as during any old summer thunderstorm.  I hope people don’t forget how stressful this time will be for their pets and prepare in advance. The ASPCA published some helpful tips on what to do. May I just add: make sure you have a safe heaven for yourself AND your furry friend, with plenty of water, some food, some treats. Cuddle your pet as much as you can and try to appear calm. This would be a good time to try out some pet calming music, too.

So, while we wait for the storm to pass and for that sigh of relief as our close-ones phone to assure nothing much happened, some cute/funny photos to brighten the day:

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