Relax… in Christmas spirit

Some of the pet music producers have released special Christmas-themed relaxation music for our furries! Since the Season is upon us I just couldn’t help but share ūüôā

Enjoy! And bring your canine to the computer too.

The above is from Tom Nazziola’s¬†Music My Pet, you can get more of his Christmas tunes in their¬†official store.

There is also a nice Holiday collection by Bradley Jospeh from Unfortunately the only samples I could find of his are short bits in his store. I will be doing a profile on Music Pets Love sometime in January, after the Chrsitmas rush is over.

P.S. Watch this space – I have a special Christmas present prepared, one that will help you get through New Years Eve without too much freaked-out-Fido action.

Testimonial Thursday

This week will be more of a test testimonial kind of thing. I stumbed upon this great reportage from ABC 1 Australia, about music and dogs.

ABC dog music
It starts with forming a dog band and ends with some scientific proof, as a well as a real world test showing how calming music can¬†affect¬†canines. It’s really cute, funny and another proof there is yet much to be discovered in the area of music for pets. I loved the Golden that smiled to guitar music at 4:27. Not to mention the singing Husky from the Sydney shelter ūüôā Unfortunately can’t find a way to embed the video, but just click the photo above to watch on ABC’s website.

Aromatherapy for dogs?

Okay, this one is not related to music at all. But it is about calming your dog. Plus, it’s such an intriguing idea, that I just had to share with you all.

Enter: scented candles for your dogs (unfortunately no other pet versions yet). Sniff pet candles are hand poured in the USA, using eco-friendly, organic ingredients and for 70 hours will spread a specially designed scent around your home. Apparently, the various aromas are uniquely made to target common doggie problems. Anxiety is one of them, but they also have candles for excessive farting, giving a city dog the impression of being outdoors, or scaring away pet pests. Each candle is 38 dollars, but you could also get a bundle of 5 testers for 48 dollars.

We all know dogs have crazy sniffing abilities. In fact, as the company website instructs, dogs can identify smells between 1,000 to 10,000 times better than us humans. Their brains have 40 times more space devoted to analyzing smells. Considering all this, aromatherapy for dogs doesn’t sound too strange, does it?

May I also just say: I love the packaging! Very classy.

Overall, I’d be quite keen to try them, but might have to wait until they are available at a retailer in my region… My family members have some serious allergies, so I would be reluctant to buy (and ship…) candles without checking their reaction first.

Have you had any experience with dog aromatherapy? Or Sniff candles in particular?

Music My Pet

Music My Pet was created by composer Tom Nazziola. Their first CD “Classic cuts” became a great success, with many happy customers (check out some of the comments on their facebook page¬†or this¬†positive review).

The music is essentially specially edited classical music. All of the “dramatic” parts in the classical compositions were omitted in Music My Pet recordings, leaving only the soothing sounds. Also, the choice of instruments was made with research on pet behaviour in mind. Harp, piano, classical guitar are all proven to help our pets unwind. On the other hand brass instruments, so commonly used in normal classical music recordings do not have that relaxing effect on animals and so were not used in Music My Pet compositions. Similarly to RelaxMyPet tunes, each track begins with a high-pitched tone, inaudible to people, but attracting your pet’s attention. If you want to hear more about the theory and process behind Music My Pet creations, here’s a pretty interesting radio interview with Tom Nazziola, involving also feedback from an animal behaviourist and a veterinarian.

The company has lately released a new CD “Mellow melodies”. Having listened to some sample recordings, I have to say I loved it. Pretty sure Vadim will too. I’ll try it out during our next travels, which considering upcoming birthdays in the family should be soon. Meanwhile, let me know if you’ve had any experience with Music My Pet!

You can listen to more samples on their website, and download the tracks from Amazon, iTunes or cdbaby.

Puppy Listens To Guitar

I found this really nice blog about Golden Retrievers lately ūüôā ¬†

And I’ve been meaning to share this video I saw there for quite a while now.¬†Unfortunately¬†it is exam time for me and so that plan got slightly delayed. But, I figured it is never too late for a bit of cuteness! (and another proof music has some serious influence on animals).

Relax my dog

A new sample to try out! have been getting great feedback from their Youtube viewers. Their music has two distinct futures:

1)¬†the track at the start of a CD will begin with a high-pitched noise (0:50 in the video) that is meant to attract a barking, distressed dog’s attention

2) nature sounds are incorporated in the music – at first I guessed it was part of the calming process, since that is what they did to me, but as explains, the nature sounds are there so that your dog is less scared once it leaves the house/hears the sounds without the calming music in the back. I guess it’s like using music instead of treats to make positive associations. A very interesting concept!

I’m really keen to try out these tunes on my dog, but (thankfully) no storms are scheduled in the near future and we don’t have any travel arrangments (Vadim is not too happy about long-distance travelling, though it is better than it used to be). So do let me know how your pets react! Also, does this work on cats? The website seems tailored to dogs only, but from the previous experiment it looks like cats may be calmed by similar music…

Check out and/or buy more of their compositions on iTunes, Amazon.

A great cause and an inspiring testimonial

Lately, I came across The Rescue Animal MP3 Project. They obtain licences from composers of pet-soothing music and distribute it for free to animal shelters. A great cause, especially since the testimonial is so positive about the music’s benefits. And no wonder really – a shelter full of stressed, barking dogs is put at ease by a CD supplied through the Project within 60 seconds of the record starting. See for yourselves:

Have you had any experience with this project or know of something similar? I would love to hear from you! Especially, since so far I seem to find calming music sold/used only in the US… Surely there must be something out there in other regions too?