Merry Petmas! :)

Merry Christmas to all dog lovers!

And cat lovers, too!


Sprawly Sunday

Continuing the bed theme from last week: hands up who slumbers with their pets!? 🙂

I found this collage last week on an amazing blog Miles to Style.
It’s a fashion meets pooches venture, showcasing great designer products for both you and your Fido, as well as some cool, quirky internet finds. Be sure to browse through their Style Shots – I’d argue they are the best fashion + dog photos on the web!


Relax… in Christmas spirit

Some of the pet music producers have released special Christmas-themed relaxation music for our furries! Since the Season is upon us I just couldn’t help but share 🙂

Enjoy! And bring your canine to the computer too.

The above is from Tom Nazziola’s Music My Pet, you can get more of his Christmas tunes in their official store.

There is also a nice Holiday collection by Bradley Jospeh from Unfortunately the only samples I could find of his are short bits in his store. I will be doing a profile on Music Pets Love sometime in January, after the Chrsitmas rush is over.

P.S. Watch this space – I have a special Christmas present prepared, one that will help you get through New Years Eve without too much freaked-out-Fido action.

Testimonial Thursday

This week will be more of a test testimonial kind of thing. I stumbed upon this great reportage from ABC 1 Australia, about music and dogs.

ABC dog music
It starts with forming a dog band and ends with some scientific proof, as a well as a real world test showing how calming music can affect canines. It’s really cute, funny and another proof there is yet much to be discovered in the area of music for pets. I loved the Golden that smiled to guitar music at 4:27. Not to mention the singing Husky from the Sydney shelter 🙂 Unfortunately can’t find a way to embed the video, but just click the photo above to watch on ABC’s website.

Sprawly Sunday

Much like this fella, I had a hard time getting out of bed today…

I was so excited to be Skyping with a friend from the UK and well, went to bed at about 3:30 am. Joys of time difference 😉 Thank god for that iced coffee I found in the fridge. Oh, did I mention, it’s like 30 smth degrees here? Sleeping in too much – not an option.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

And make sure you check out the insanely great Tumblr this photo is from: “Maddie the Coonhound – a super serious project about dogs and physics”

Wandant – the hi-tech way to monitor your pet’s stress level and exercise routine


New Device Offers Owners Insight Into Pet’s Exericse Routine | Benola.

Fujitsu’s new gadget can measure stress levels of your Fido, his exercise routine and other stuff, working similarly to a pedometer. Tech has finally entered the dog market? Could be a good idea if your dog is overweight. Hopefully the device gives some interpretation of the results too, not just raw data… Otherwise, how do you figure out if your dog is getting the right amount of workout? I’m also just a bit worried that with the way this is “mounted”. Vadim would get chewing straight away 😉 With a $120 price tag this would be one expensive chew-toy. On that note, I was wondering: how do your dogs react to having bulky or dangling things around their necks?

Testimonial Thursday

I’m enjoying this series idea 🙂 All the wordless Wednesdays, tasty Tuesdays etc. that I see on to other pet blogs I’ve been reading ever since I started writing MPet3. Recently I realised that the idea behind the names was actually due to blog hops – a fun social concept where a group of people check out each others blogs randomly. Or something like that at least, I am yet to learn how the process really works. And hopefully one day I’ll join a blog hop too!

Anyhow, even though my weekday theme fascination is not (yet) blog hop related, I’m still liking it. So, here’s a new series, somewhat unique to my blog’s topic: Testimonial Thursday. Every week I’ll select and post a comment/testimonial of a pet owner relating to pet calming music. The idea is really to bring together all of these valuable opinions into one space and see how they compare to what you guys think.

First up, a comment made by Lisa who tried “Through a Dog’s Ear” with her dog, following Patricia Mcconell’s post:

I have to tell you that I was totally amazed. Amazed! I knew my two Bostons had some music preferences, but I was totally unaware of how specific their likes are! I bought the book and all the cds (because one is never enough….) and received the calming cd first and immediately played it. All of us fell asleep! We play classical music often, but this was different. Next came the Music for the Canine Household and the moment it started with the cello, my younger (and hyper) Boston, Phoebe picked up her head from her chew toy, stopped and listened. Clearly listened! Almost with a critical ear. She approved and went back to her toy. But I sensed something. So I found a few selections from my library, Yo Yo Ma solo Bach (solo cello) and she was hooked. She stayed in the room, she relaxed, her heart rate changed, calming, and she sighed and relaxed into the music as she slept in a very open spread out position. Oh, and she was smiling. Her ears, though, were still attentive. Some passages were appreciated more than others, if her ear rotation and heart rate were indicative, but overall, the cello is her love. I could stop the music and start it up later and would get the same reaction. If I was explaining this to anyone else….

What about your dogs? Any preferences with regards to instruments? Vadim seems to love the piano most.

Happy St Nicholas!

Something cute, festive and musical to brighten your St Nick’s Day! 🙂

And for ideas on what to stuff in your Fido’s sock (shoe?), check out:

Through a Dog’s Ear

Now this brand is a major amongst music to calm pets. I’ve been hearing a lot about, and all good. It was even featured by Patricia Mcconnell, a well known dog behaviourist and author of acclaimed books such as: “On the Other End of the Leash”, “For the Love of A Dog: Understanding Emotions in You and Your Best Friend”. The reason it took me a while to showcase Through a Dog’s Ear on this blog is because there is so much to process! I mean these guys did some serious studies, published a full book on their findings and recorded multiple albums. At the same time there is not a single Youtube video I could embed to let you sample. But, I’m working on that and should have something coming soon in the slider on top. So keep checking back! I guarantee it’s worth it. Meanwhile, if you’d like to find out some more about the concept and the research, here’s a real good report from CBS (just bare with the first 24 seconds):

You can also check out their website with some listening samples and a directory of places to buy their music.