My Story

Meet my awesome dog – Vadim. He’s a cotton de tulear, which basically means: one big bunch of white long hair, with a black spot of a nose to allow you to distinguish between his front and back 😉 Vadim is quite the fearless little guy, but around the time he turned 3 years old, he started freaking out to any storm, firework or gunshot sounds. His thunder-phobia by now got so bad that simply hearing heavy rain sends him running around the house, up and down the stairs, from one family member to another, in search of comfort. We pet him and hug him and do what we can, but it’s not enough. I read countless theories on how to help your dog out in the storm, tried: dog appeasing pheromones, herbal tablets, sprays to prevent electrical charges from forming on his long fur… Nothing seemed to work.

And then, one night, we had a particularly massive, long summer storm. After two hours of watching Vadim suffer and fearing he will end up with a heart attack if this continues, I turned to Google again. This time, among the many other tips I had already tried, I came across the idea of playing special pet calming music. I remembered my brother as a baby used to have this camel-shaped music box we would play for him when he was ill or particularly distressed. It really worked wonders on him, so I figured I’d give it a try with Vadim too. I chose the first video with “dog calming music” that popped-up on Youtube and placed my iPad next to Vadim who was just pacing

under the kitchen table. Without too much hope, I pressed play.

The results were astonishing! After the first few seconds of the song, Vadim stopped pacing and sat down. He was still panting like crazy, but as the music continued his breathing slowed, the frequency of his shivers decreased… By the end of the song my freaked-out dog was lying calmly, panting just a little bit every now and then. I could not believe it! As soon as the song ended he started fidgeting slightly, so I pressed play again asap. I downloaded a full CD from iTunes following the link below the Youtube video and left it on for Vadim. The storm continued throughout the night, so I eventually placed the iPad next to my bed (Vadim still wanted to be close to us), put the CD on a loop and fell asleep. This was the first time Vadim did not come to wake anyone of us up during a stormy night.

Following that night, I kept thinking about my discovery and since then have searched all over to find more pet calming music. I decided to share my findings on this blog. Let me know how your pets react to the music!

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