Dog TV?


So here’s a pretty stunning idea for dealing with your dog’s separation anxiety: Dog TV.

Yeah, you heard it right. There is a new TV channel out there developed specifically for Fido! The creators have put in years of research and consulted multiple pet experts: vets, behaviourists, trainers, you name it.

DOGTV is recognized by the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), and uses concepts widely supported by leading organizations including The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) and the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) as a valuable product that contributes to the enrichment and quality of dogs’ lives.


Not only did the authors choose special music to play in the background – which is what obviously spiked my interest – but also adjusted the colours of the video to appeal to your dog. They have three content types: something to relax your dog, something to stimulate him and even some learning programmes. The primary objective: to not let your pooch get bored while you’re away. They will be rolling out the channel nation-wide to all major providers real soon, and in the meantime, if you don’t happen to live in San Diego, you can try it out with online streaming for just $9.99 a month.

I have to say, at first I wasn’t convinced. Despite my encouragement, Vadim never seemed to enjoy TV. However, I try and keep an open mind – after all who would’ve expected “special pet music” to work so well? – and having reviewed all the materials presented on the website, I think I’d be quite keen to try. After all, we do always leave the radio on for Vadim while we’re gone and perhaps it is part of the reason he has been so great about staying home alone. It does make me wonder how much it is the sounds that are of importance in the TV concept and how much the actual images. Especially since they warn you shouldn’t expect our dog to just sit there and watch, rather he’s supposed to come along and stare for a bit every now and then.

Anyway, I chose three videos that I felt best explain the whole concept, so that you guys don’t have to plough through the entire DOG TV website (though if you are curious, I’d recommend it). First up, prof. Nicholas Dodman – Program Director of the Animal Behavior Department of Clinical Sciences at Tufts University, MA; one of the world’s most noted and celebrated veterinary behaviorists; author of best sellers about animal behavior and their sensory perception – talks about the science behind Dog TV and gives an overview of the idea.

Next, a short sample of Dog TV content. I chose the relaxation part, since this is what I’m most interested in. Note the music playing in the background!

Finally, a testimonial from one of the shelters that joined the programme already.


Playing with Pinterest

I know this is seemingly unrelated to my core topics of storms, pet anxieties and music… But, I fell pray to the awesomeness that is Pinterest and really wanted to share some finds. I wouldn’t have made these if I hadn’t been searching for materials to write my next posts on MPet3. So, in a way it is all related. Also, what better way to distract a scared pet than with some new toys?

Vadim is pretty great at destroying whatever new toy I get him in record times. By now he will have probably demolished any Christmas present I may have gotten him. I was therefore always faced with two choices: spend a fortune on dog toys or abandon the idea of toys for extended periods of time. Now, I discovered I had a third way out: DIY pet toys! Pinterest is full of quick, neat and easy tutorials for all sorts of animal play needs. Here’s a few of my favourites:

And for my cat-owning readers:

For more ideas and other great pins:

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Sprawly Sunday

Continuing the bed theme from last week: hands up who slumbers with their pets!? 🙂

I found this collage last week on an amazing blog Miles to Style.
It’s a fashion meets pooches venture, showcasing great designer products for both you and your Fido, as well as some cool, quirky internet finds. Be sure to browse through their Style Shots – I’d argue they are the best fashion + dog photos on the web!


Sprawly Sunday

Much like this fella, I had a hard time getting out of bed today…

I was so excited to be Skyping with a friend from the UK and well, went to bed at about 3:30 am. Joys of time difference 😉 Thank god for that iced coffee I found in the fridge. Oh, did I mention, it’s like 30 smth degrees here? Sleeping in too much – not an option.

Hope everyone is having a lovely weekend!

And make sure you check out the insanely great Tumblr this photo is from: “Maddie the Coonhound – a super serious project about dogs and physics”

Wandant – the hi-tech way to monitor your pet’s stress level and exercise routine


New Device Offers Owners Insight Into Pet’s Exericse Routine | Benola.

Fujitsu’s new gadget can measure stress levels of your Fido, his exercise routine and other stuff, working similarly to a pedometer. Tech has finally entered the dog market? Could be a good idea if your dog is overweight. Hopefully the device gives some interpretation of the results too, not just raw data… Otherwise, how do you figure out if your dog is getting the right amount of workout? I’m also just a bit worried that with the way this is “mounted”. Vadim would get chewing straight away 😉 With a $120 price tag this would be one expensive chew-toy. On that note, I was wondering: how do your dogs react to having bulky or dangling things around their necks?

Happy St Nicholas!

Something cute, festive and musical to brighten your St Nick’s Day! 🙂

And for ideas on what to stuff in your Fido’s sock (shoe?), check out:

Aromatherapy for dogs?

Okay, this one is not related to music at all. But it is about calming your dog. Plus, it’s such an intriguing idea, that I just had to share with you all.

Enter: scented candles for your dogs (unfortunately no other pet versions yet). Sniff pet candles are hand poured in the USA, using eco-friendly, organic ingredients and for 70 hours will spread a specially designed scent around your home. Apparently, the various aromas are uniquely made to target common doggie problems. Anxiety is one of them, but they also have candles for excessive farting, giving a city dog the impression of being outdoors, or scaring away pet pests. Each candle is 38 dollars, but you could also get a bundle of 5 testers for 48 dollars.

We all know dogs have crazy sniffing abilities. In fact, as the company website instructs, dogs can identify smells between 1,000 to 10,000 times better than us humans. Their brains have 40 times more space devoted to analyzing smells. Considering all this, aromatherapy for dogs doesn’t sound too strange, does it?

May I also just say: I love the packaging! Very classy.

Overall, I’d be quite keen to try them, but might have to wait until they are available at a retailer in my region… My family members have some serious allergies, so I would be reluctant to buy (and ship…) candles without checking their reaction first.

Have you had any experience with dog aromatherapy? Or Sniff candles in particular?

Sprawly Sunday

It’s sunny, warm and lazy today in Sydney. The epitome of a relaxed day.

And so a new post idea was born in my mind: Sprawly Sundays. It’s really simple – every week I’ll treat you to a lazy animal photo/video.

After all, this blog is all about calm. And pets 🙂

Puppy Listens To Guitar

I found this really nice blog about Golden Retrievers lately 🙂

And I’ve been meaning to share this video I saw there for quite a while now. Unfortunately it is exam time for me and so that plan got slightly delayed. But, I figured it is never too late for a bit of cuteness! (and another proof music has some serious influence on animals).