Testimonial Thursday

I’m enjoying this series idea 🙂 All the wordless Wednesdays, tasty Tuesdays etc. that I see on to other pet blogs I’ve been reading ever since I started writing MPet3. Recently I realised that the idea behind the names was actually due to blog hops – a fun social concept where a group of people check out each others blogs randomly. Or something like that at least, I am yet to learn how the process really works. And hopefully one day I’ll join a blog hop too!

Anyhow, even though my weekday theme fascination is not (yet) blog hop related, I’m still liking it. So, here’s a new series, somewhat unique to my blog’s topic: Testimonial Thursday. Every week I’ll select and post a comment/testimonial of a pet owner relating to pet calming music. The idea is really to bring together all of these valuable opinions into one space and see how they compare to what you guys think.

First up, a comment made by Lisa who tried “Through a Dog’s Ear” with her dog, following Patricia Mcconell’s post:

I have to tell you that I was totally amazed. Amazed! I knew my two Bostons had some music preferences, but I was totally unaware of how specific their likes are! I bought the book and all the cds (because one is never enough….) and received the calming cd first and immediately played it. All of us fell asleep! We play classical music often, but this was different. Next came the Music for the Canine Household and the moment it started with the cello, my younger (and hyper) Boston, Phoebe picked up her head from her chew toy, stopped and listened. Clearly listened! Almost with a critical ear. She approved and went back to her toy. But I sensed something. So I found a few selections from my library, Yo Yo Ma solo Bach (solo cello) and she was hooked. She stayed in the room, she relaxed, her heart rate changed, calming, and she sighed and relaxed into the music as she slept in a very open spread out position. Oh, and she was smiling. Her ears, though, were still attentive. Some passages were appreciated more than others, if her ear rotation and heart rate were indicative, but overall, the cello is her love. I could stop the music and start it up later and would get the same reaction. If I was explaining this to anyone else….

What about your dogs? Any preferences with regards to instruments? Vadim seems to love the piano most.


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